Our Products

Qian Jin brand focus on providing TCM products made with 100% natural herbs, harnessing the healing properties only from nature source, further refine using modern technology.

Qian Jin Brand Essence of Cordyceps Tongkat Ali

What it does:
• Restores energy and vitality.
• Relieves fatigue.
• Strengthens body & waist.
• Helps mental & visual function.
• Provides overall health & comfort for men and women.






Qian Jin Brand Essence of Cordyceps Cortex Eucommiae Ginseng Waist Tonic

What it does:
• Relieves backache & fatigue.
• Contains exquisite traditional tonic herbs.
• Nourishes the body, relieves sores and replenishes vital energy.
• Good for back, blood circulation and complexion.
• Support recuperation after illness of after birth.
• Hair nourishing properties.
• Promotes health of both genders.






Qian Jin Brand Essence of Cordyceps Collagen Joint Essence

What it does:
• Promotes healthy bones, cartilages.
• Helps joint collagen and joints and ligaments.
• Works for knee pain, aged joints, stressed joints, stiff shoulder, back and joint ache.
• Invigorates and improves overall health and comfort.

We have specific products catered for children, men and women, and products for general health & wellness. Kindly contact us for specific products you are looking for, and we will advise you accordingly.