Corporate Profile

For over 30 years, Fook Sang Tong Trading Pte Ltd has been at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and health supplements manufactured under the brand – Qian Jin, represented by the logo "Ship", which also means the improvement and progression of mankind.

Using the finest natural ingredients coupled with modern production techniques, our team of dedicated, highly qualified herbalists and physicians collaborate closely with product scientists to develop products steeped in tradition but backed by modern day medical research. We strongly believe in using all natural ingredients for the greatest benefits in the most original form for our customers.

Being one of the leading manufacturers in Singapore and with a strong emphasis on product quality and efficacy, we have developed more than 400 TCM products ranging from treatment of ailments to health supplements. Not only are our products available in leading TCM and Medicinal stores, they are also widely used by reputable TCM clinics and physicians.

Wide Range of Products

Understanding the consumer sentiment and staying at the forefront of changing consumer trends is of utmost importance to us. Constant research and development is required to stay on top of consumers’ needs and wants. Our wide range of products, which comes mainly in the form of Capsules, Teabags, Granules, Powder and Herbal Mixture, shows our commitment towards our customers and has proven our ability in manufacturing TCM & health supplements in various forms.